Proudly the Cass Clutch is manufactured in a small family owned and operated leather studio located in Berkeley, California. The hides for each bag are hand selected and then sewn with the highest quality and craftsmanship. We believe strongly in supporting small locally owned businesses. 

Cass Clutch's simple and flexible design allows it to transform smoothly from a stylish clutch to a useful tote or briefcase, easily holding a laptop as well as your everyday essentials. Cass is a nickname both my father and I have gone by. Naming the clutch, Cass is way for me to honor my past and create something classic, modern and bit nostalgic. 


The Cass Clutch is a bag that will last and be passed on. It's a bag that wants to be used, but will change over time. The leather will eventually soften and alter in a way that is unique to each person who carries it. 

Each bag will vary a bit in color and nap due to the inherent characteristics of the hides, making each Cass Clutch naturally beautiful.