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A Modern Handbag Made in California


The Cass Clutch

A line of luxury leather and suede accessories that's 100% Californian in design, artisanship and attitude. Rugged and refined.  Glamorous and gritty.  Structured and sensuous. Designed for life, with timeless style and impeccable quality. 

Elevate your everyday.


The Presidio, on the edge of San Francisco Bay, at the edge of a continent. 

Around since 1776.

Only slightly tamed since then, despite the best efforts of the US Army, the Park Service, and the Presidio Trust.

The Presidio Collection is our nod to all that. Deep, sultry blues and greens to bring a little bit of Ma Nature. A pop of Camo (because everyone needs camo). And leather to give it that urban edge.

Ladies and gents, you need one. Or two.

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