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A Modern Handbag Made in California

The Cass Clutch

A line of luxury leather and suede accessories that's 100% Californian in design, artisanship and attitude. Rugged and refined.  Glamorous and gritty.  Structured and sensuous. Designed for life, with timeless style and impeccable quality. 

Elevate your everyday.


New shape. New size. New possibilities. 

It’s the ultimate day/night bag.

Sling it. Carry it. Fold it.

Rock it. Own it. 

 It’s 100% Cass.

That same Good Girl/Bad Girl vibe you love. 

Quality off the charts. Signature Cass handle.

Unexpected, delightful features that reveal themselves over time. 

Kinda like you. Take a look. 

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