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We Are Cass

Cass Carrier: Jen DiPrisco, organizing maven, music enthusiast and Twilight Zone-binge-watcher.

1. What’s YOUR story, Jen? 

I’m originally from Southern California but am happy to call the Bay Area my home for the last 17 years. I’ve been organizing, editing, and attempting to make things pretty my whole life. When I was a kid, my best friend and I would stay up all night at our sleepovers to organize our closets! And my favorite means of procrastination has always been to clean something. For years, I casually helped friends and family with small organization projects until I officially launched Ommmhome in 2015. I help clients tackle projects of all sorts: kitchens, garages, kids’ rooms, bathrooms, home offices. We take these spaces from chaotic and cluttered to edited and functional. My favorite part of the job is when a client tells me how GREAT they feel after a good organizing session, almost as if a weight has been lifted. 

2. How does being a professional organizer affect your family? 

Well, a lot of things in my house are labeled! Because we are a busy family juggling school, work, sports, theater, and music, it's essential to have a specific home for every item. We don't need the added stress of not knowing where to find the shin guards minutes before the soccer game, you know? I'm hopeful that the systems I've set up teach my kids how to stay organized and increase their independence. My biggest challenge right now is coaching my 13 year-old on how to keep schoolwork organized. He's much more creative than I am, but his backpack is a mess! 

3. Describe your ideal day. 

Ooh… this is exciting to think about: first I’d sleep in. I’m a night owl and sleeping in is such a luxury. Some form of exercise in the morning: either a Masters swim class or a good hike in the hills with friends and my crazy energetic dog. Then I’d work in my vegetable garden or turn the compost pile, something I find oddly satisfying. Later I’d take a bath or read a book. I’d make a healthy, fun dinner for my family while listening to my favorite band The National, then curl up with them on the couch post-dinner to watch a classic 80s movie or an episode of The Twilight Zone. Hey that was fun! 

4. You are the proud owner of two Classic Cass bags. Which colors do you have and which one is your go-to? 

I have Stinson Amber and Lassen Black. I tend to carry the Stinson Amber during the day or with more casual outfits. It’s a perfect neutral that goes with everything, but it also classes up whatever I’m wearing. I love the super soft suede and sturdy leather combo. Lassen Black works better for me at night or when I’m a little more dressed up. I also have the leopard print zippered pouch, for when I’m feeling sassy! Leopard goes with everything, right? 

5. How do you rock your Cass, clutched or carried? 

I typically carry it by the handles, but appreciate the clutch's versatility in being able to carry it either way. 

6. What is a “must-have(s)” in your bag (Cass or not)? 

When working, I carry my P-Touch label maker, measuring tape and a clipboard for taking notes and recording measurements. When playing, I carry my phone and Bose sport headphones (I am constantly listening to music or podcasts), Lano Lips hydrating lip gloss and sunglasses. I don’t like to carry too much! 


Off The Cuff: 

Rock Or Rap?  Rock. With a brief rap phase in the early 90s. 

Ocean, Mountain Or Lake?  I miss my So Cal ocean days but have gladly traded them for Tahoe summers in the mountains. 

Beer, Wine Or Cocktail? Anything with gin. But I also love a good savvy blanc! 

Exercise Nay Or Yah?  Absolutely. It keeps me sane. 

Butter Or Olive OilOlive oil for cooking. Butter for slathering over a baguette. 

Tea Or Coffee?  Coffee. Black. 

Pen Or Pencil? Paper Mate Flair pens! 

Nude Or painted lips? I’m not good with makeup...just a little gloss. 

Reality Show Or Documentary?  Documentary.

Dark Or Milk Chocolate? Can I have cheese instead? 

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