Amanda Kay


We Are Cass

Cass Carrier: Amanda Kay, beautiful boot-wearing biotech badass with a passion for all things Star Wars.

1.     So, Amanda you have an interesting career. Tell us about it.

I work in the biotech industry at an exciting young company with a vision to design living medicines. The idea is that diseases are complex and require new ways to address that complexity. Our vision is to genetically program beneficial bacteria to act as if they are mini-robots, say R2D2, to seek out and treat disease. I work on the business side, helping to fund the amazing work that our scientific team dedicates themselves to every day.

2.     Describe your ideal day.

I am lucky to get to do this most Saturdays! I must have my coffee and read a bit in our window seat. Then off for a run or to the gym with my husband. By the time we grab lunch and do a few errands it is 4pm, so it’s a fairly unproductive day (full disclosure). At that point we face the decision of making dinner plans with friends or picking a Star Wars movie to project on our wall. “Rise of Skywalker” is my life right now.

3.     What feeds your head, heart, and soul?

I started meditating about 6 months ago, and I am pretty sure that feeds everything. Clears the head, reminds you of the relationships that fill the heart, and begs for you to find your soul.

4.     Who are the few women that inspire you?

Does everyone answer Oprah to this question? Her constant message is to feed your head, heart, and soul…and to start doing that by just being you. I am getting better at this.

5.     You are the proud owner of 2 Cass bags one of which is a new Cassie. How did you choose your colors, and which one is your go-to?

My Big Sur Green Cass clutch is my go-to when I must feel chic - weekend shopping and nights out. The color is neutral and offers more to a look than just another black bag.

My Presidio Blue Cassie is now part of my DNA. Goes everywhere with me from 7am to 10pm. Boston is a walking city, and I need something that goes from work to dinner. The Cassie is with me for a regular day at the office, as well as at more formal meetings. I never feel like I am carrying a laptop in a “work” bag – Cassie is so chic. Then if I go to dinner, I can drop the shoulder strap and use it as a clutch. Never have to think twice if it is appropriate for the situation!

6.     What are the must haves in your bag (Cass or not)?

I don’t want to over think my bag for every event, so the Cassie is the perfect no-brainer.

In any bag, I need to fit my survival “kit” – Vasoline lip therapy crème brulee, Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick, migraine meds, wallet. That’s it! 

Off the Cuff

Rock or Rap? – Rock

Ocean, Mountain, or Lake? – Mountain

Beer, wine or cocktail – Sake!

Exercise Nay or Yay? – Yay!

Tea or Coffee? – Coffee

Pen or Pencil? – Pencil

Nude or painted lips? – Nude. But my Grandma always said I needed more lipstick. I was only 10 at the time. What was she thinking?

Reality show or Documentary? – Documentary. Just saw Apollo 11. I was speechless at the amount of bravery and dedication shown by all involved

Dark or Milk Chocolate – Dark, but triggers the migraine, hence the meds =(