Kristen Philipkoski


We Are Cass

Cass Carrier: Kristen Philipkoski, writer, podcaster and denim lover.

1.  Tell us a little about your current work. 

I recently launched an online publication and podcast called Mean Magazine. I'm also a freelance writer (currently a monthly contributor to Forbes), and I write a jeans blog called Eat Sleep Denim.  

2.  What do you hope women will get out of Mean Magazine? 

I hope Mean Magazine will help women feel like their age shouldn’t dictate what they wear, who they hang out with, or what they do for fun or work. I hope it will inspire women of all ages to get curious about something new, take a risk, or make a friend with someone they thought was outside their demographic. I hope it inspires a woman to wear something over-the-top to a party or to carpool pick-up. I hope it helps young women not fear aging. And I hope it empowers women (or anyone) to not be defined by their age.  

3.  What’s your ideal day?

If we're talking mid-week during the school year, my ideal day would be getting up super early, around 5:30 or 6 (after, of course, having a great night's sleep) and drinking coffee while I wrote uninterrupted until I had to wake up our 6-year-old at 7:30. We would stop for a donut (for her) at the bakery next to her school. Then I would head to Rhythm & Motion dance class at ODC, come home and work for a few hours until I had to pick her up at 2. After school we'd take the dog for a walk at the beach. In a perfect scenario I would have prepped for dinner the day before or my husband would cook, then we'd all go to bed early. 

If we're talking a weekend or vacation day, I'd wake up around 9am (preferably in a bungalow on the beach), read an actual book, laze around all day, take a hike after lunch, then have dinner and wine as the sun sets.  

4.  Who are a few women that inspire you?

My mom, because she showed me by her example how to be independent and strong; Frida Kahlo, I have a slight obsession—I named my child after her and have a portrait tattoo on my back; and Gloria Steinem. 

5.  What outfit do you feel most authentically you in?

High-rise flare jeans, platform sandals and concert t-shirt cut at the neck to be off-shoulder. 

6.  What are the “must-haves” in your bag (Cass or not)?Phone, True Botanicals lip balm, Korres Lip Butter, wipes, Band-Aids. 

Off The Cuff: 

Rock Or Rap?  Rock

Ocean, Mountain Or Lake?  Ocean, love them all though!

Beer, Wine Or Cocktail? Wine

Exercise Nay Or Yay?  Big Yay

Butter Or Olive Oil? Both

Tea Or Coffee?  COFFEE

Pen Or Pencil? Pen

Nude Or Painted Lips? Depends on my mood and the occasion

Reality Show Or Documentary?  Documentary

Dark Or Milk Chocolate? Dark

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