Natalia Szidon


We Are Cass

Cass Carrier: Natalia Szidon, Cocoon founder, PodArt creator, lover of botanicals, textiles and all things beautiful.

l.Tell us a little about your current work. This summer I've been fostering kittens, an activity which has considerably slowed down my PodArt projects.  Hope to get back to them in the Fall, especially since I have a lot of new ideas and materials that I would like to implement for the holiday season.

2. What’s your ideal day?  It would begin with breakfast with my grandchildren at my place (i.e. sleepover).  Then lunch with Debra Szidon (Cass) at any "happening" restaurant in either SF, Oakland, Napa or Sonoma.  The day would end having dinner with your husband at my favorite Italian restaurant in Concord.  Notice how my ideal day revolves around family, food and great conversation?

3. Who are a few women that inspire you?Brave and dedicated women inspire me, whether they're focused on their families, careers or special causes.  Whatever their circumstances may be, they're not afraid to stand up for their beliefs, families and/or commitments. 

4. What outfit do you feel most authentically you in?You can ask anyone and they'll say "As long as it's black, she's being authentic."

5. What color Cass do have and why did you choose it?Funny you should ask.  See question #4.

6. What are the “must-haves” in your bag (Cass or not)? Ample space for stuff.  My husband used to say that I could hold a garage sale out of my handbag.  Gross exaggeration.  A small yard sale perhaps...

7. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?My age.

Off The Cuff: 

Rock Or Rap?  Most days I just prefer silence intermittent with a little birdsong or a child's laughter.  Corny, I know.

Ocean, Mountain Or Lake?  Vacation by the ocean.  Weekend on a lake.  Live on a mountain.  

Beer, Wine Or Cocktail? Chardonnay all the way!

Exercise Nay Or Yay?  I plead the 5th.

Butter Or Olive Oil? Both in generous quantities.

Tea Or Coffee? I grew up in South America.  I'm a coffee girl. 

Pen Or Pencil? PEN

Nude Or painted lips? Painted, of course.

Reality Show Or Documentary?  I consider The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills a documentary.  LOL  

Dark Or Milk Chocolate?  Do I have to choose? 

Debra Szidon